Mike Shelby

mikeMike Shelby is the founder and manager of Eternal Vision Ministries and handles all the booking for the group. He was born the son of a Baptist minister in Knoxville, Tennessee. Mike has been singing Southern Gospel music since he accepted Christ as his personal savior in his early teens. He has played lead guitar in several groups before forming Eternal Vision in 1989. Mike plays guitar and piano as well as singing lead and baritone. Mike’s powerful voice and his uncanny ability to convey the meaning in a song lays the foundation for an exciting worship experience. His sincerity, and enthusiasm make him a favorite with audiences across the country. Mike currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife Gail. When he’s not on the road, Mike runs Eternal Vision Productions recording studio in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Birthday: 2/22/59

Favorite Food: steak, catfish, and chocolate cherry cake

Favorite Song: Old Ship of Zion (the way my Dad sings it)

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 28: 19-20

Likes: golf, Southern Gospel Music, surfing eBay, and old cars!

Dislikes: being late, mechanical things that don’t work right, and “GOOZELIN'”

Favorite Anecdote From the Road:
A few years ago, Stuart had some dental work done. His front tooth had gotten loose so he went to the dentist to get it worked on. The dentist pulled the loose tooth and then cemented it back as a temporary solution until he could get the bridge made. Well this was the weekend before NQC and we had just finished singing at a church in Indiana on Saturday night. It was late when we finished singing and we went to dinner at a steak house. Stuart’s tooth had been holding in there pretty good and he was being very careful about what he ate. We were used to seeing Stuart hit the groceries pretty hard! Seeing him cut everything up and take little bites was, in itself, pretty funny to watch. Well, we’re sitting at the table with several other folks and I look over at Stuart who has just taken a bite out of a dinner roll and he has a look on his face that is somewhere between total shock and unbelievable terror! It was then that I realized, the only thing that can inspire that kind of look is a missing tooth! Stuart started to excuse himself from the table. I don’t know if you have ever heard anyone try to speak without pulling their lips apart, but it is FUNNY! Well, after we got settled down and finished eating, we headed to Walmart to get some Krazy Glue. Stuart glued the tooth back and we made it the week through NQC. He’s got the problem fixed permanently now but I still don’t think he’s eaten another roll since!

Shannon Shelby

shannonShannon Shelby is Mike’s son and is a young man whose musical abilities are nothing short of phenomenal. He has been with the ministry since its early years and is an accomplished drummer, guitarist, bass guitarist, and pianist. Shannon’s vocal talents match his instrumental accomplishments. He has the ability to croon a ballad, belt out a powerful anthem, or deliver an “edgy” contemporary song.  Shannon’s youthful enthusiasm makes him an instant favorite with young and old alike. He is bringing a new audience to Southern Gospel music. In addition to his other talents, Shannon is also a great song writer and the musical arranger for the group. Shannon started his own publishing company in 2010 and publishes much of the music that Eternal Vision records. More impressive than his musical ability is the fact that he has chosen to use his considerable talent in God’s service. His commitment to ministry is genuine and heartfelt and serves as a remarkable example to others . Shannon completed bible classes at Crown College in Knoxville, TN. He currently resides in Knoxville Tennessee with his wife Kayla and their daughters Annabelle Rose, Scarlett Grace, and Julianna Pearl.

Birthday: 6/29/1983

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:28

Favorite Food: STEAK!!! (or any other meat)

Favorite Song: “Where No One Stands Alone” by Mosie Lister

Likes: Listening to, playing, and surrounding myself with as much music as possible, and playing Sony PS3

Dislikes: Riding next to tractor trailers that can’t stay in their lane, The response “the sky” when I ask someone “what’s up?” and finally, the many incorrect versions of our group name such as, The Eternal Vision Sangers, The Eternal Visions, Internal Vision, or Greater Vision  (Greater Vision ain’t crazy about that one either!) ect. ect.

Favorite Anecdote From the Road:
have been on the road so long that there are too many to mention! A couple of my favorites though are the time I set the back of the bus on fire with a pillow and a lamp, and the time I sneezed in Gary’s mouth in the dark one night, or maybe the way I kept managing to mash Gary’s bad toe! I didn’t mean to, it just worked out that way!

Stuart Stallings

stuartStuart Stallings is the newest member of the Eternal Vision family. Like the others in the group, Stuart was raised in church where his dad was the Minister of Music at John Sevier Baptist, Glenwood Baptist and Arlington Baptist in Knoxville, TN. Stuart sang bass with Won Heart for six years before coming to Eternal Vision in May of 2004. He has developed a reputation as one of the smoothest bass voices in Southern Gospel. In addition to a rich bass voice, Stuart is also the “class clown” and his antics often elicit smiles from the most somber countenances. Stuart was ordained in April of 2009 as a Baptist minister. Stuart also plays guitar and is a songwriter. He currently lives in Morristown, Tennessee with his wife Jan and their daughters Stephanie and Rebecca, and his grandaughter McKenzie.

Having accepted Christ as his personal Savior when he was eight years old, Stuart is solidly committed to serving the Lord with his talents and his time

Birthday: October 27th, 1959

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:28

Favorite Food: “ALL OF IT! except Sour Kraut!”

Favorite Song: “Sinner Saved By Grace”

Likes: Serving the Lord, fishing, golf, writing songs, traveling, homecomings, country ham biscuits, good goozelin’ and spending time with my family!

Dislikes: “HEAT and HUMIDITY!”

Favorite Anecdote From the Road:
“We once sang at a Seventh Day Adventist Church and as I often do, I was explaining to the congregation how much I enjoyed country ham biscuits. Well, I went on and on about it every chance I got. At the break, one of the sweet ladies in the church confided in me that Adventists did not eat pork and that it was contrary to their beliefs! I was VERY embarrassed! The people in the church were very sweet about it and I went back after the break and explained to them that I had meant to say CORN not PORK! I found out that I don’t like the taste of my FOOT!”